Install fog screen

Install fog screen fixed mounting – Restaurant / Hotel advertisement / Long-term exhibition.

When the fog screen installs in a restaurant, exhibition hall or hotel or other entertainment places for a long time, it can fit under the roof beam according to the installation environment.
It should be noted that the long-term bearing capacity of the beam must be greater than 300KG.

Portable or Fixed Truss – Temporary show & activities.

Every fog screen machine has a small water tank inside. When full inside water tank. Can running 1 hour without any outside water supply. Install fog screen is very easy.

  1. City water line (0.4Mpa). Connect to water input via a flexible pipe. The machine will automatically water supply.
  2. Use a 60L outside water tank. Full the water tank. Can running 6 hours. After 60L water tank low level. Amount again by manual operation.
Install fog screen

Fog screen routine maintenance.
After use every day. Need drain off all water from the machine avoid scale deposit.

Download fog screen install here.
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